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Rice Street ​​Gardens

Rice Street Gardens, an organic community garden in Maplewood MN, near southeast Roseville
Plots are 16 ft by 20 ft , $30 per year & 1 per household 
To become a RSG gardener apply at
Email -

UPCOMING Volunteer Work Days are Sep 14, & Oct 19, 9-11AM
Do Good Roseville & Open Cities Health Center are providing
free health screenings for RSG gardeners & familes,  
​Sep 14 - Blood pressure checks & Glucose testing

Rice Street Gardens needs Nepali & Karen bilingual volunteers.

For emergencies call 911.  For other issues call... 

Nepali - Mohn 612.412.6289 or Sita 612.423.0808
Karen - Moe 651.239.7789 or Wah 612.412.6231
Hmong - Song 651.331.1498  or Kelly 763.412.6626
English - Andie 651.492.8208 or Consetta 612.296.8481
Bilingual Group Leaders needed, contact Council

Sherry Sanders 651.772.3311
Katheryn Schneider 651.485.3856 
Ron Peterson 612.799.0818
Pastor Dana Nelson 651.434.9485

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2019 Gardeners Agreement  
   Attend annual trainging & pay $30 for 1 plot per household
   Gardeners are required to volunteer 4 hours per year to help maintain property 
   Take all personal trash home. Do not put trash in compost or toilet
   Keep grounds & paths clear weeds, rocks, glass, trash, buckets, debris
   Do not waste water & refill water tank after using water  
   Use organic products only, no chemcials, herbicides, pesticides allowed
   No smoking, no chewing/spitting, no abusive language, no weapons
   Gardeners must supervise family & guests at all times while on property
   Gardeners must respect fellow gardeners, their plots & property
   Tools & compost provided for RSG gardeners only
   Pedestrians cross street at signaled intersection 
   Clean & clear personal plot by October 19
   Notify Council if you no longer want your plot, plots cannot be given to others
   Gardeners & guests cannot sue Board of Water Commissioners of City of St Paul, Galilee Church, RSG
   Break rules, lose plot

Check out RSG garden video below:

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     Rice Street Gardens is a healthy resource that feeds & builds community!