​​​Please share this info with fellow RSG gardeners:

Garden Council Meeting, Monday Sept. 11, 9:30-11am, Galilee Church

Garden Leadership Meeting, Monday Sept. 12, 7-9pm, Galilee Church

GARDEN WORK DAY, Saturday September 16, 9-11am
and Gardener PICNIC 11-Noon, 1958 Rice St.
Property maintenance is from June through October. In addition to planting, tending & cleaning personal gardens, each gardener is required to volunteer 4 hours of maintenance per year.  If your hours you are not completed by October 21, your name will be removed from our 2018 wait list & you may not get a plot next year.  To receive credit for the hours you help maintain the property, be sure to check in before you start & again when you leave. 
Gardeners are not allowed to sign in or out for anyone else.
More info: Sherry, 651-772-3311 or ricestreetgardens@gmail.com

Due to recent garden thefts, if you see someone in a plot
that does not belong there, they are trespassing, please call 911.  
Then contact a garden leader to meet you at the gardens.   
Please share with fellow gardeners: If you see something, say something.

Take your trash home, including latex gloves, plastic pots/trays, water bottles. RSG has no trash receptacles on the property 

For an emergency, contact Leadership Team ASAP
See RSG Council members & phone numbers on "About" page

including rocks, trash, debris & barrels, it interferes with mowing


WATER is on 7am - 7pm, Do not change or remove timers 
Please refill water tanks when low

Do not disturb the bee hive  
If you get stung there is Benedryl gel for relief in the shed

Compost delivered Friday mornings courtesy of
Roseville Public Works for RSG gardens only

For more information: Sherry Sanders, 651-772-3311

Appreciation to the following organizations:
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church of Roseville 
for their generous donation to help RSG expenses, 
The North Suburban Saint Paul Kiwanis Club
 for their donation of 2 wooden picnic tables,
Thrivent Credit Union for helping sponsor our 
International Gardener Lunch, July 8, 2017
Roseville Public Works for much needed compost!

​​​​​​​​​​​RSG needs help with:​​
​​mowing property, turning compost,  
filling water tanks, picking up trash​ 

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