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Rice Street ​​Gardens

Nepali: Kumar, 434-806-3015 & Sita, 612-423-0808
Karen: K Pru,  651-424-5521, Tun Oo, 651-206-1052
Hmong: Song, 651-331-1498 & Kelly, 763-412-6626
English: Consetta, 612-296-8481 & Andie, 651-492-8208
Group Leaders  needed, call Sherry, 651-772-3311,
or email
Last 2018 Volunteer Garden Chore Days, 
Saturday, October 20, 9:30-11am & Sunday, October 21, 1-3pm
Pick up trash. Mow grass. Drain & move water tanks. Put tools in shed.
Remove trash from compost & turn, no compost by shed 
Trim weeds along fences, Gardeners must take all trash home.​
All plots must be cleaned out by Oct 20  
 All vegetation must be removed or mowed to less than 4 inches
Do not put large sticks in compost
Place cornstalks in a separate pile
All fencing must be removed
No fencing or plastic in compost piles
Anything left near the shed becomes community property
Leaders & helpers needed Oct 21 to finish chores  
Gardeners of neglected plots will not be allowed back next year
Returning gardeners sign up online in February
New gardeners register online in March
Orientation in April,  Plot prep/work begins in May
Check website & like/follow our Facebook page  
Send suggestions or questions to  
RSG needs garden bilingual group leaders

2019 RSG Gardeners Agreement  
   Pay $30 to cultivate one 16'X20' plot per household
   Attend gardener training, meetings & work days
   Volunteer 4 hours per year to help maintain property to return next year 
   Take personal trash home, do not discard trash in toilet
   Keep paths clear of weeds, rocks, trash, and debris
   Fill water tank after using water.  Do not waste water. 
   Use organic products, no pesticides or herbicides
   No smoking, no chewing/spitting, no abusive language, no weapons
   Supervise family & guests at all times
   Respect fellow gardeners, their plots & property
   Tools & mulch are for RSG gardeners only
   Cross street at signaled intersection only
   Clean personal plot by October 19, 2019
   Notify us if you no longer want plot, you cannot give it to someone else.
   Broken rules result in lost plot 
  You can not sue Board of Water Commissioners of City of St Paul, Galilee Church, or Rice Street Gardens
Check out our garden video below by Ron Peterson:

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