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Rice Street ​​Gardens

Here is information about the 2020 Rice Street Gardens Job Opportunity

Rice Street Garden Admin/Communications Expert Job Description

About RSG
Rice Street Gardens is a 2-acre community garden located on1958 Rice Street in Maplewood with over 250 gardeners.   The gardeners come from a diverse population and speak languages such as Spanish, Hmong, Nepali and Karen.  Many people are recent immigrants that live in walking distance of the garden.  The garden is run by the 3 founding members.

About the Job
There is a lot of administrative work that goes into organizing the garden.  We have interpreters who help us reach some of our gardeners but we still need to keep records on who we have contacted, who is returning and who has paid and attended training.

Required Skills
We are seeking an admin that is familiar with google sheets and excel documents who also has good communication skills and some website knowledge as well as Facebook and texting expertise to help us reach out to gardeners and to keep track of their status. 

Due to the nature of the work, the person must have access to a computer and a phone.

Job Expectations
Besides meeting with the garden council once a week, we would expect the intern to help us reach out to gardeners via phone, text or email and help keep records on who we have contacted, who is returning and who has paid and attended training.  The amount of time will vary depending on different deadlines but the work will average about 2 to 3 hours per week or 8 - 12 hours per month.

Details about our work from January to April
Organizing a community garden as large and diverse as Rice Street Gardens has its challenges.  We begin in February reaching out to the previous season’s gardeners.  We send emails, texts and as a last resort we call and send letters to find out if a gardener wishes to return.

All of the data is kept in an excel file and applications are done online.  But since many people do not have access to a computer, we hold a time with interpreters where gardeners can come and sign up using our computers.

By the end of February, we assume that we have contacted all gardeners and know whether they want to return or not.  We then open up online signups to new gardeners.  Again, many gardeners don’t have access to a computer so many paper applications come in.

In April we hold trainings that all gardeners are required to attend.  This is where they learn the rules of the garden and pay for their plot.  We hold about 5 trainings in 3 different languages (we have recorded videos for the trainings in Nepali and Karen).  The challenge is to make sure that every gardener that signed up has paid and attended training. In the past 2 years we have been trying to train gardeners to help with some of the organizing tasks.  This is still a goal but we have not had a lot of success with this. 

Interested candidates should send a resume and a letter of introduction via email to [email protected]