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Rice Street ​​Gardens

Listed below are tasks needed to keep Rice Street Gardens run smoothly. 
To help with any of these activities,  leave a note on our contact page or call Sherry, 651-772-3311.  Thanks!

I want to help
Water, Irrigation, and Erosion Team    
  • Water: irrigation blowout, and restart
  • Drain and store hoses
  • Maintain water tanks and protect for winter
  • Maintain erosion wattles to protect wetland area

Tools and Shed Team   
  • Maintain tools and winter storage

Garden Maintenance Team  
  • Manage compost and delivery
  • Mow paths and surrounding garden areas
  • Pick up rocks and refuse (gardeners are asked to remove any trash they bring
  • For year end close out, all remaining green materials should be put on large piles by shed and road, for later chopping. They will be part of next years compost.

Gardening Council
  • Overall process and major decissions
  • Rules and enforcement
  • Plans and changes for new year

Finance & Grants Team      
  • Write and follow up on grant applications
  • Collect plot fees 

Communications Team  
  • Finding new gardeners for 
  • Community visibility, sign, website and Facebook maintenance
  • Translators (for meetings & documents)
  • Major events  (harvest, clean up, and start up next year)

Plot Allocation Team
  • Plot allocation process & signs

Fencing Team     
  • Fence and plot maintenance

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